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Links to WSH, Script, JScript, .NET and COM related information.

Windows scripting, WSH, BAT, MSH, and more.  
An excellent scripting site. Clarence covers a range of scripting languages and has plenty of resources, examples, and links.  
Microsoft's Scripting Resource Pages. VBScript, JScript, and WSH documentation. Excellent resource.  
GotDotNet launched with a basic mission: to foster developing .NET communities and get Microsoft more directly involved with them.  
Learn how to build dynamic Web sites using ASP.NET and Visual Studio .NET. Gain hands-on experience building a database-driven Web site with an SQL Server.  
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WSH and ADSI Administrative Scripting

New Articles
  • List installed COM objects and associated ProgIDs
    Script: Lists all COM Objects and their associated ProgIDs (If available). Win32_ClassicCOMClassSetting

  • Script: File Rotator
    Script: Rotate files where the most current file has the lowest number in the archive. When files exceed the retention period, they are deleted. Typically used for log files, backups, etc..

  • Script: Create IIS Website and DNS record
    Script: Dan Casier sent me this script that will create a website and appropriate DNS record. The script is intended for Windows 2000 Server with local DNS and necessary DNS mof installed.

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